Rehabilitation Program

The Delta Housing Authority administers the Housing Rehabilitation Program for eligible homeowners throughout Delta, Montrose, and San Miguel Counties. Technical and financial assistance is provided for general repairs and improvements. Inspection, consulting and construction management services are free of charge.

The homeowner pays the construction costs through low-interest loans with easy terms. (The payment is based on what the borrower can afford).
The homeowner chooses approved contractors to complete the work. In some cases the homeowner, if qualified, may choose to finance only the material costs and complete part or all of the work themselves.

Fill out the questionnaire. (If you have any questions please call). If you meet the initial level of eligibility, you will be asked to sign release forms for more detailed information and provide copies of the following:

  • Recent pay stubs

  • Last year’s tax return

  • Recent bank statements

A Property inspection will be completed to get an idea of the work that needs to be done. Depending on the age of your home, there may also be a separate inspection of the painted surfaces to determine if there is any possibility of a lead-paint hazard. Renovation of homes containing lead-based paint may require adherence to specific federal health and environmental regulations.
An initial estimate of the job cost will be made at this time.

Loan Approval
A loan advisory committee will review the application and related documents. They will not be given your name or address. In fact, all of your information will remain confidential except as allowed by law and as necessary for program eligibility and loan underwriting.

Project Design and Contractor Selection
The goal is to give the homeowner the highest quality work for the lowest cost. To achieve this, the bidding protocol is often flexible and informal. Homeowner input and participation is encouraged. Contractor’s bids may reflect various options. Once the best materials and methods are determined, the contractor is selected; the contract and specifications are finalized and signed.

Loan Closing
The loan-closing amount is typically based on the accepted bid amount plus any program costs. There are times, however, when the cost of the work needed exceeds the amount that can be loaned. In that case, the loan closing may be scheduled before the bidding. The rehabilitation specialist and homeowner will then prioritize the work items and get bids on as many items as can be expected to be covered from the loan proceeds.

Construction Monitoring and Completion
Regular inspections by the rehabilitation specialist are conducted to help insure contract compliance and good workmanship. Payments to contractors and suppliers are released upon approval of work by homeowner.

Click here for Housing Rehabilitation Eligibility Questionnaire

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